JavaFX component that emulates JTable


I have a large dataset that needs to be displayed for users and looking for Swing's JTable like component in JavaFX.

2/23/2013 4:41:36 PM

Accepted Answer

I recommend you read Amy Fowler's recent blog post (especially point 6):

Any Swing component can be embedded in a JavaFX scene graph using the SwingComponent wrap() function. This conveniently allows you to directly leverage those Swing components which you've already configured, customized, and hooked to your application data; all that Java code can remain happily unmodified. Once you've created the structure of your scene's layout, you can pull your Swing components into the appropriate locations.

6/16/2009 10:17:16 AM

Use a TableView control.

A TableView is a "virtualized" control which efficiently reuses a small number of node cells to present a view into potentially very large data sets.

table view sample

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