How to draw multiple axis on a chart using JAVAFX Charts


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How to draw multiple axis using JavaFX charts API?

Following is an image of a trend in a huge software where some real time as well as history data is being plotted. There are two pens registered and separate axis for each pen is defined on the same trend.

Trends with multiple axis in IntelliMax

I have been trying to do exactly this in JavaFX 2.0 charts. I have been able to plot a real time chart which is as follows:

JavaFX 2.0 Line Chart;two NumberSeries with random points plotted

I have been researching about multiple axis using JavaFX and could find the this link but I think this is an older version of JavaFX using FXML. However, I am using JavaFX regular classes to accomplish this.


4/30/2012 1:36:18 AM

Here you can find my solution - MultipleAxesLineChart. It is not generic and just fits my needs, but I think it can give a good sight of how it can be done by using StackPane.


10/28/2014 4:20:15 PM

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