is it possible to install java fx on an android phone?


I want to install a Java Me application on my android phone. I have tried with jbed and some other virtual machines, but it doesn't work. On Windows Mobile, I tried with javaFx and it worked, so I tried to do the same on android but I cann't find a javaFx apk. My phone is Samsung GT-i5500. Thanks.

1/26/2012 8:37:41 PM

Accepted Answer

Oracle demoed running JavaFx applications on Android devices at the last JavaOne conference. Supposedly the app would include its own copy of the JVM runtime or so. Nothing is available publically at this stage, but I suspect that something is in the works.

E.g. read more on Dzone

Update Dec. 2012: It must be getting closer to reality. JavaFX is now running on a Raspberry Pi, (link no longer valid) which uses an ARM chip just like most Android devices. Simply do a search of Java FX on Raspberry Pi and you will find lots of references.

9/23/2013 6:21:39 PM

Google created their own JVM for Android (Dalvik) for performance reasons, so as things is now, it's not possible. The JavaFX team claimed earlier that it could run on Android - but I havnt seen it.

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