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How do you create a JavaFX application that (instantly) dynamically resizes? Right now I have coded a simple application that dynamically resizes but the layout changes don't display until after the release of the mouse button on a drag. I want instantly see the results/layout changes before this button release.

I'm assuming this is done by just binding the correct values/controls with inverse... Any help would be great!


Here's how I got things working (thanks to Praeus). Exactly as he said, I had to bind my top level container/layout width and height to scene.width and scene.height. --

var scene: Scene;

Stage {
title: "Application title"
scene: scene = Scene {
content: [
XMigLayout {
width: bind scene.width;
height: bind scene.height;

3/23/2015 5:39:10 PM

Accepted Answer

Actually if you've already organized everything into layouts, then you might be able to just bind the top level layout container(s) width and height to the scene.width and scene.height. I don't think top level layout controls are managed by anything, so you may be safe just setting width and height of the layout control directly. If that doesn't work then you might have success binding the layoutInfo width and height.

Ideally you want to use layout management before resorting to binds. Excessive binds can be a performance problem, and can lead to slow redraws as you are resizing. In this case you can probably just use binds for the top level container, and then all of the children of the top level container should resize accordingly. At least I think that should work.

8/3/2010 8:18:15 PM

Bind is different in JavaFX's 2.0 release. Angela Caicedo's video demonstrates how to bind properties nicely. A variable must be setup as an ObservableNumberValue and its get and set methods used. After it's setup you can then bind it to a component's property.

DoubleProperty x = new SimpleDoubleProperty(0);

Eric Bruno's post is another way of doing it.

    new ChangeListener() {
        public void changed(ObservableValue observable, 
                            Object oldValue, Object newValue) {
            Double width = (Double)newValue;

    new ChangeListener() {
        public void changed(ObservableValue observable, 
                            Object oldValue, Object newValue) {
            Double height = (Double)newValue;

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