Is it possible to make a visually appealing GUI with JavaFX & Swing?


I would like to do a visually appealing / user-friendly GUI in java. Swing is a limited in terms of "skin" customization. I'm thinking about JavaFX, but I don't get it yet,

  • what can I achieve with this technology ?
  • how hard is it ?
  • do you have examples of real-life examples of Swing/JavaFX integration ?

I would like to do something in this spirit of this, which is built on the .NET framework: GUI example with .NET techno

original link: edit: is their any getting started overview sample code that I can read to get a general feeling of the work needed to be done to achieve something in the spirit of the screenshot? maybe something like the miglayout's swing demo

edit2: I found it's really basic though, linked from

11/12/2018 9:10:24 PM

Accepted Answer

Doing such a GUI with JavaFX seems to be rather easy.

For a rapid view on the JavaFX echosystem, I would suggest you to take a look at those sites, showing most of the bleeding edge JavaFX technologies :

5/12/2010 9:47:09 AM

Yes, Swing is very customizable. I recommend reading Filthy Rich Clients.

For an example, have a look at Cezanne L&F.

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