Intellij IDEA & JavaFX artifact build does not generate EXE


I'm trying to build a native JavaFX artifact with the latest Intellij IDEA EAP (Community Edition), but all IDEA does is build a jar out of my classes & images. Even though I have the .exe selected in the project structure.

Why doesn't IntelliJ generate the exe-file? Is this an EAP bug or something? Or am I simply missing something here?

I'm quite new to JavaFX and its deployment methods.. should IntelliJ bundle a JRE into the EXE too (provided I happen to get it generate one)? There isn't an option to bundle JRE in the settings...

8/28/2014 6:47:21 PM

Accepted Answer

For some reason, selecting exe doesn't work but all works. Select all and you will be fine. Only bundles for Windows will be created (if that's your OS).

8/28/2014 7:49:33 PM

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