Why would scenebuilder 2.0 fail to open my fxml file?


I have an fxml file that I created using SceneBuilder 2.0. This file is used in my JavaFx project that I am developing using Netbeans 8. Today, SceneBuilder stopped working with my file. When I tried to open it, SceneBuilder would minimize and would not open the file. I don't have any custom components in my scene graph.

I copied the contents of the file into a new fxml file and gave it a new name. SceneBuilder was then able to open this file even though the contents are identical to the file that it is unable to open.

What is going on here?

my apologies, but I am unable to post the contents of the fxml file.

7/3/2014 12:42:20 AM

Accepted Answer

Okay.. so here I am searching for the solution for this weird problem! Seeing none of the other answers working for me, I did the random most thing I could think of and it worked.

Open SceneBuilder (a brand new one). Go to File > Open Recent > Clear Menu. Close Scene Builder.

Now the bug should be fixed (it did for me)

PS: I am ashamed of posting this answer. But since this is a nasty bug which wasted time, I don't want anyone else to waste theirs'.

PPS: Also, I can't double-check this solution, since it worked for me and I can't recreate the buggy scenario anymore.

10/3/2014 7:55:59 PM

I solved this problem by alt-tabbing to the SB program, then maximizing the window (shortcut: window key + up arrow key).

Seems to be a SB bug.

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