Sometimes Scene Builder in JavaFX doesn't open


It's really getting annoying and tiresome when I'm working really hard on something I need to complete and then I need to make a few changes to the GUI so I open Scene Builder and it doesn't open up.

I've tried - Closing Eclipse and opening it. - Killing the scene builder process and opening it.

What works - Logging off and logging on and then opening eclipse & the scene builder.

This is starting to make me lose taste in JavaFX. Though I have to use this over Swing.

Also, when I open Scene Builder (from my desktop) it opens up just fine, though when I navigate to my Main.FXML (inside my project). Scene Builder can't be opened. It just does nothing when I open it, and it minimizes.

6/21/2014 4:52:41 AM

Accepted Answer

Even though this question has been asked some time ago, I want to contribute my solution to this problem because it differs from the other solutions and in addition is very simple.

This particular problem happened to me just a few mins ago and all I took to solve was maximizing the actual Scenebuilder window!

  • Open the Windows Taskmanager
  • Switch to the applications tab
  • Right click the SceneBuilder (named: yourFileName.fxml)
  • Select 'Maximize'

Description above works for Windows OS, on other OS the corresponding application managing program should do the same.

That worked for me just perfect. No copying and/or overwriting needed.

8/26/2014 9:30:47 AM

Its not the perfect answer but it works well. Try doing the following

1.Open scene builder directly from your local drive.

2.Click on File-> Open Recent -> Clear Menu

Then try to open up your fxml. Works fine for me.

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