What to know before starting to learn JavaFX?


I read about the advantages of JavaFX over Swing(that is not the point of discussion) and I would like to learn JavaFX. But later I got confused between the JavaFX script and other things like XML, etc... I don't have a clear picture of it yet. I want to know what all things like basic information and programming/markup languages one must know before giving a try at JavaFX.

5/13/2014 10:00:31 AM

Well, as far as I am concerned, I would say nothing is mandatory, before you start learning Javafx. Just a small knowledge of JAVA would be enough (just the basics)

For Javafx learning resources, Oracle has one of the best available resources, enriched with lucrative examples, which will make your Journey of learning Javafx fantastic.

The fxml files are basically the UI which can be written using XML and can be loaded in your code. This makes your application follow the MVC rule. Though initially, I would recommend to spend sometime constructing your UI using java code only.

For more info on FXML

Java vs JavaFX Script vs FXML. Which is better way of programming in JavaFX?

Tutorials on Javafx


For Beginners, Getting Started with JavaFX is very important !


Tutorial on Scene Builder i.e. making fxml files for your application,


Tutorial on FXML


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