JavaFx web not working with Internet Explorer 11 with JRE7


I note that I cannot be launched on web IE 11 .. I know that the useragent for IE11 is Trident not MSIE . so I suppose that the reason why I got always notification to install java even its already installed .. but I cannot find temporarily solution for that as guys solve this issue by updating deployJava.js for webstart and by adding "trident" with "msie"...

just note that only windows 7 can install IE11 or its bundled with Windows 8.1 .. you cannot install IE11 or update it to IE11 on windows 8.

again and briefly my questions are :

1- where JavaFX app detect browser agent?

2- is it possible to the modify package that is responsible for that and include jar to project ?

any idea is welcomed ..

1/15/2014 11:23:10 AM

I've made some modifications in dtjava.js and got it to work in IE11

In my case I'm using dtjava.js only for embedding an applet not based in JavaFX, so probably these modifications are not enough to make a JavaFX application run.

I changed the IE detection rule from

ie = isDef(window.execScript);


ie = /trident/.test(u);

in detectEnv()


if (isDef(d.addEventListener)) {
    invokeCallbacks, false);
if ( && {


if (isDef(d.addEventListener)) {
    invokeCallbacks, false);
else if (isDef(d.attachEvent)) {

in init() function.

Of course, these are hacky changes not very tested (only Explorer 10, 11 and latest FIrefox and Chrome). Follow at your own risk...

1/22/2014 12:13:29 PM

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