How to avoid Not on FX application thread; currentThread = JavaFX Application Thread error?


Below code snippets is giving me error Not on FX application thread; currentThread=JavaFX Application Thread.This application was working fine in java 1.7 but when i moved it to fx8 it is now giving error. when I start the application on my 1st attempt it is working as intended .But after closing the stage and opening it again it is not working.

The error is also ambiguous Not On fx application thread and current thread- javafx application thread.What did it mean by not on fx application thread if the current thread is a fx application thread.

      progressDialog = createProgressDialog(service);;
        progressDialog.setOnCloseRequest(new EventHandler<WindowEvent>() {
          public void handle(WindowEvent event) {
            // if (service.isRunning()) {
            // service.cancel();
            // }


      private Stage createProgressDialog(final Service<IStatus> service) {
        stage = new Stage();

        URL url = FileLocator.find(Activator.getDefault().getBundle(),
            new Path("icons/xxx_16x16.png"), null); //$NON-NLS-1$
        stage.getIcons().add(new Image(url.getFile()));
        stage.setTitle("Downloading ..."); //$NON-NLS-1$
        // Creating StackPane
12/1/2017 12:38:58 PM

Accepted Answer

Platform.setImplicitExit(false); solved my problem. I think they changed the implementation in JavaFX 8, so the same code that works without any issue in JavaFX 2 gives the not an fx application thread error there.

3/29/2014 9:26:53 PM


Platform.runLater(new Runnable(){
// ...

will fix it, too.

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