Get Checkbox value in a table in JavaFX


I have a table and it has a column with checkboxes.

The output so far

On a button click I want to find out which checkboxes are checked and which are not. So far I managed to create checkboxes in a table. The code is as follows.

public class TTEs implements Initializable {

    private TableView<TestObject> tableReport;

    private TableColumn<TestObject, String> name;

    private TableColumn<TestObject, Boolean> checkbox;

    public void getValues() {        
        //the method will get what check boxes are checked (this part is the problem)

    public void initialize(URL arg0, ResourceBundle arg1) { 
        ObservableList<TestObject> data = FXCollections.observableArrayList();
        data.add(new TestObject("Test 1", true));
        data.add(new TestObject("Test 2", false));


        name.setCellValueFactory(new PropertyValueFactory<TestObject, String>("name"));
        checkbox.setCellValueFactory(new PropertyValueFactory<TestObject, Boolean>("checked"));

        checkbox.setCellFactory(new Callback<TableColumn<TestObject, Boolean>,
            TableCell<TestObject, Boolean>>() {

            public TableCell<TestObject, Boolean> call(TableColumn<TestObject, Boolean> p) {
                return new CheckBoxTableCell<TestObject, Boolean>();

    //CheckBoxTableCell for creating a CheckBox in a table cell
    public static class CheckBoxTableCell<S, T> extends TableCell<S, T> {
        private final CheckBox checkBox;
        private ObservableValue<T> ov;

        public CheckBoxTableCell() {
            this.checkBox = new CheckBox();


        @Override public void updateItem(T item, boolean empty) {
            super.updateItem(item, empty);
            if (empty) {
            } else {
                if (ov instanceof BooleanProperty) {
                    checkBox.selectedProperty().unbindBidirectional((BooleanProperty) ov);
                ov = getTableColumn().getCellObservableValue(getIndex());
                if (ov instanceof BooleanProperty) {
                    checkBox.selectedProperty().bindBidirectional((BooleanProperty) ov);

When I debug, I find that:

        ov = getTableColumn().getCellObservableValue(getIndex());
        if (ov instanceof BooleanProperty) {
            checkBox.selectedProperty().bindBidirectional((BooleanProperty) ov);

In the above condition, it never goes inside the if statement, meaning that the ov is not an instance of BooleanProperty. But when I print the class of ov,


it prints as

ReadOnlyObjectWrapper is a subclass of BooleanProperty, so why is the instanceof check not working?

7/12/2018 5:25:26 PM

Tested on Java 8.
Only 4 simple things.

1) Make CheckBoxCellFactory class. Put somewhere in your project.

public class CheckBoxCellFactory implements Callback {
    public TableCell call(Object param) {
        CheckBoxTableCell<Person,Boolean> checkBoxCell = new CheckBoxTableCell();
        return checkBoxCell;

2) Your model class. Person for example.

public static class Person {
   private SimpleBooleanProperty checked = new SimpleBooleanProperty(false);
   // other columns here

    public SimpleBooleanProperty checkedProperty() {
        return this.checked;

    public java.lang.Boolean getChecked() {
        return this.checkedProperty().get();

    public void setChecked(final java.lang.Boolean checked) {

    // getter/setter for other columns


3) Made modifications in your fxml file. The section of your TableView -> TableColumn gonna look like this:

<TableColumn fx:id="checkBoxTableColumn" maxWidth="34.0" minWidth="26.0" prefWidth="34.0" resizable="false" sortable="false">   
<cellValueFactory><PropertyValueFactory property="checked" /></cellValueFactory>
<cellFactory><partarch.fx.CheckBoxCellFactory /></cellFactory>

4) If you want to make your checkbox being editable

  • 4.1 Open fxml in the Scene Builder.
  • 4.2 Select checkBox column and then check "Editable" property in the Properties pane.
  • 4.3 Select TableView containing your checkbox and do the same(check "Editable" property in the Properties pane).

Implementation in binaries on SF and source on GitHub

12/26/2014 1:20:32 PM

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