Is it possible to run JavaFX applications on iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8?


Can one develop an entire application using JavaFX and run it on iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8, without writing platform-specific code?

9/10/2016 5:24:17 PM

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Invariant's answer is a good resource for how everything was started and what was the state of JavaFX on embedded and mobile in beginning of 2014. But, a lot has changed since then and the users who stumble on this thread do not get the updated information.

Most of my points are related to Invariant's answer, so I would suggest to go through it first.

Current Status of JavaFX on Mobile / Embedded

Some bad news first:

Now, some good news:

  • JavaFX still runs on Android, iOS and most of the Embedded devices
  • JavaFXPorts SDK for android, iOS and embedded devices can be downloaded from here
  • JavaFXPorts project is still thriving and it is easier than ever to run JavaFX on mobile devices, all thanks to the IDE plugins that is built on top of these SDKs and gets you started in a few minutes without the hassle of installing any SDK
  • JavaFX 3D is now supported on mobile devices
  • GluonVM to replace RoboVM enabling Java 9 support for mobile developers. Yes, you heard it right.
  • Mobile Project has been launched by Oracle to support JDK on all major mobile platforms. It should support JavaFX as well ;)

How to get started

If you are not the DIY kind, I would suggest to install the IDE plugin on your favourite IDE and get started.

Most of the documentation on how to get started can be found here and some of the samples can be found here.

5/23/2017 12:02:39 PM

Yes you can run JavaFX application on iOS, android, desktop, RaspberryPI (no windows8 mobile yet).

Work in Action :

We did it! JavaFX8 multimedia project on iPad, Android, Windows and Mac!

JavaFX Everywhere

Ensemble8 Javafx8 Android Demo

My Sample JavaFX application Running on Raspberry Pi

My Sample Application Running on Android

JavaFX on iOS and Android

Dev Resources :

Android :

Building and deploying JavaFX Applications on Android

iOS :

NetBeans support for JavaFX for iOS is out!

Develop a JavaFX + iOS app with RoboVM + e(fx)clipse tools in 10 minutes

If you are going to develop serious applications here is some more info

Misc :

At present for JavaFX Oracle priority list is Desktop (Mac,windows,linux) and Embedded (Raspberry Pi, beagle Board etc) .For iOS/android oracle done most of the hardwork and opnesourced javafxports of these platforms as part of OpenJFX ,but there is no JVM from oracle for ios/android.Community is putting all together by filling missing piece(JVM) for ios/android,Community made good progress in running JavaFX on ios (RoboVM) / android(DalvikVM). If you want you can also contribute to the community by sponsoring (Become a RoboVM sponsor) or start developing apps and report issues.

Edit 06/23/2014 :

Johan Vos created a website for javafx ports JavaFX on Mobile and Tablets,check this for updated info ..

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