JavaFX KeyEvent returns KeyCode.UNDEFINED


I created a simple JavaFX application that receives input from the user in a TextField. I attached the KeyTyped event from SceneBuilder to the controller. My function looks like this:

@FXML private void keyTyped(KeyEvent event) {

This function always prints out UNDEFINED when I type the enter key. Any ideas on how to fix this? Other letters I type seem to have the same problem as well.

5/16/2017 1:18:12 PM

Accepted Answer

KeyTyped is a special event. It doesn't have KeyCode but has character set instead.

See example for letter 'a':

KeyEvent [source = TextField[id=null, styleClass=text-input text-field], 
target = TextField[id=null, styleClass=text-input text-field], eventType = KEY_TYPED, consumed = false, 
character = a, text = , code = UNDEFINED]

and javadoc:

The key code associated with the key in this key pressed or key released event. For key typed events, code is always KeyCode.UNDEFINED.

12/21/2013 9:20:44 PM

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