javafx GridPane retrieve specific Cell content


I want to retrieve the content of one specific cell in a Gridpane. I have put buttons in the cells with the

setConstraints(btt , 0 ,1 ) 

setConstraints(btt , 0 ,2 )


In my case the GridPane.getChildren.get(10) is not good. I want to go directly to the cell(4,2) and get its content.

4/27/2018 4:17:23 PM

Accepted Answer

Well I guess if there is no solution to get a specific node from gridpane by is column and row index, I have a function to do that,

private Node getNodeFromGridPane(GridPane gridPane, int col, int row) {
    for (Node node : gridPane.getChildren()) {
        if (GridPane.getColumnIndex(node) == col && GridPane.getRowIndex(node) == row) {
            return node;
    return null;
12/18/2013 11:26:36 AM

Assuming you have an 8x8 girdPane where i is the rows and j is the column, you can write:


The return type is an object, so you will have to cast it, in my case it's:

(StackPane) (myGridPane.getChildren().get(i*8+j))

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