How to reference javafx fxml files in resource folder?


I am creating a javafx GUI application and my project is a maven configured project. I want to be able to reference my fxml files like this in my controllers:


Where my main.fxml file is located in the src/main/resources folder and my controller is in the src/main/java folder. How do i go about doing this? My src/main/resources folder is in the build path and i am able to call a .properties file that is in the src/main/resources folder from a class in the src/main/java folder.


I attempted to place the fxml file in the corresponding directory of the main resources folder:

enter image description here

but i still got an error.

10/26/2013 5:42:41 AM

Accepted Answer

Example usage

FXMLLoader loader = new FXMLLoader();
Parent content = loader.load(); 

Location resolution options

  1. Put all of your fxml in the src/main/resources directory.

  2. Put all of your fxml in a src/main/resources/fxml directory.

  3. Place fxml in a corresponding resource directory; e.g. src/main/resources/com/mycompany/myapp.


The last option assumes that the class from which you are loading the fxml is in the same relative location in the corresponding Java source hierarchy. For example, you might invoke the last load command from source

FXMLLoader usage recommendations

  1. Instantiate an FXMLLoader via new FXMLLoader() rather than using the static methods on the FXMLLoader.

    • The static methods become confusing when you want to get values (like instantiated controllers) out of a loader.
  2. Set the location on the instantiated FXMLLoader and call load() rather than loading from a stream using load(stream).

    • Setting a URL based location on the loader allows for resolution of relative resources loaded in fxml and css files. Relative resources do not resolve for a stream based constructor.
  3. To derive a location based upon a class, use getClass().getResource(), as it is URL based, rather than getClass().getResourceAsStream() which is stream based.

IDE and Build Settings

Ensure that your IDE or build tool is copying the fxml files from the resource directory to the build output directory. For understanding Intellij settings for this, see: How to convert a normal java project in intellij into a JavaFx project.

5/23/2017 11:54:43 AM

You are using FXMLLoader fxmlLoader = new FXMLLoader( getClass().getResource("main.fxml") ); to load your main.fxml. This requires the main.fxml and the java class loading it in same directory/path. If you want to load an fxml file from a path/location different from the java class loading it, you need to use relative path. As @jewelsea mentioned above, you may use the relative path using / character before your main.fxml. So the code that will make it work for you in your case is

FXMLLoader fxmlLoader = new FXMLLoader( getClass().getResource("/main.fxml") );

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