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I'm using JavaFX in a project instead of Swing because of the enhanced multimedia, webviewer and possibility to use visual effects. However, what I've learned from what I found on the web ( and others) is that JavaFX layout managers focus on scaling the size of the parent based on the size of the content, whereas Swing focusses on scaling the content according to the parent, at least based on the Layout being used.

Right now I'm using an Accordion with some TitledPane children. One of them contains a GridPane for the simple reason it is the best way I know to emulate a GridLayout (as I learned from my previous question here: JavaFX layout equivalent to GridLayout). I want to have the TitledPane's content split in 2 rows and 1 column, each row with a 50% height of the available space in the TitledPane (scaling with the Stage or Scene), equivalent to what a GridLayout(2,1) inside a BorderLayout.CENTER would accomplish. For this, I've added a GridPane with 2 RowConstraints using setPercentHeight(50) and 1 ColumnConstraint with setPercentWidth(100). However, I've noticed the contents are scaling with the grid properly, but the grid is not taking up all available space in the TitledPane (because apparently it doesn't act like a BorderPane's center). I've also tried with setMaxWidth to make the content scale with the parent, but it doesn't seem to work either (as said here: JavaFX: How to make my custom component use all available space from parent layout?). And even if it would, do I need to set the max width to EACH descendent in my UI elements tree to have all of them scale?

Either way, does anyone know how to make a TitledPane with 2 equal spaces in it underneath eachother that scale with the titledpane's size?

column width does not take up all available space

5/23/2017 12:33:33 PM

Accepted Answer

In fact, your gridpane is growing to fill all its parent. Consider the below code, I have added a background color (red) to the gridpane for debugging purposes.

Accordion accordion = new Accordion();
TitledPane titledPane = new TitledPane();
GridPane gridPane = new GridPane();

gridPane.add(new TextArea("Hello"), 0, 0);
gridPane.add(new TextArea("World"), 0, 1);


If you execute this code, the gridpane will fill all its parent (check the red color spans all over the titledpane content).

However, the content of the gridpane will not fill all the column. If you try to resize the window, you will see that the textareas are not changing in width along with the gridpane. To fix that, you need to tell the first column of the gridpane to grow with the gridpane itself. The way to do that is to add the following constraint:

ColumnConstraints columnConstraints = new ColumnConstraints();
11/1/2014 7:00:53 PM

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