Where can I find the JDK 8/JavaFX 8 source code?


I would like to override the Implementation of FXMLLoader and recompile the JDK 8.

Where can I find the source code of the JDK8 / JavaFX 8 ?

7/29/2015 2:46:17 PM

Accepted Answer

The source for JavaFX 8 is available at:


JavaFX 8 is almost completely open source today.

Instructions for building JavaFX 8 with OpenJDK 8

9/27/2013 11:49:29 AM

Quoting from this answer: For Java 8, the source of the public parts of JavaFX are actually laying right along in the JDK installation as a sibling of src.zip: javafx-src.zip - on the root of your normal JDK Java 8 installation.

Eclipse doesn't by default link them up when you add the JRE (or it finds it itself) - obviously a bug - so you'll have to do that yourself, by hitting Preferences -> Installed JREs. Find your JDK 8, hit Edit button. On the list JRE system libraries, expand the jfxrt.jar node, and link in the javafx-src.zip file.

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