javafx & fxml: how do I apply a border to a pane or label in my gui?


I'm just getting into using fxml and it seems like a really cool idea, except for the fact that I'm having a tough time getting it to work. Supposedly I'm able to lay out my GUI using a nice markup language, and I can style the elements via CSS. So I have a label on my GUI, and I would like there to be a solid black border around it, with width=1. Seems like this should be straightforward -- adapting examples I see here and there in tutorials, etc., I do the following:

<Label text="sample text" style="-fx-border-width: 1; -fx-border-style: solid;" />

But it doesn't work. No border appears. In the Scene Builder there is a text box labelled "Style" in the properties inspector, and I can see the style I have applied appear there, but I don't see a border.

What am I overlooking?

8/15/2013 1:24:03 AM

Accepted Answer

You need to specify the Border Color as well. Add this to your Label tab


In your case the sample code will be :

<Label text="sample text" style=" -fx-border-color:black; -fx-border-width: 1; -fx-border-style: solid;" />
8/15/2013 2:30:35 AM

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