How can I set an icon to the window of a JavaFX application?


I made a JavaFX application on Netbeans and I put this code for setting the icon to the window

primaryStage.getIcons().add(new Image("file:sicadcam.png"));

and when I run the project from Netbeans, it works ok: the icon appears on the top left corner of the window and in the taskbar. The image is in the root directory of the project.

When I clean and build the project, it generates two installers: one exe and one msi; and when I install the application and open it, the window doesn't have the icon sicadcam.png, it has the default java logo icon.

How or where can I set the path of the image so that when I install the application the icon appears.

5/28/2013 4:14:14 AM

This is only a partial answer to the question as I have been unable to generate a self-contained package which shows the icon for the installed application in the Windows taskbar. I may have missed a step, have an environmental issue or the icon configuration for self-contained applications may be slightly buggy and may be fixed in later releases. Testing was on: jdk7u21, NetBeans 7.3, Win7, InnoSetup.

Get the icon image from a resource rather than a file.

For example, if you place the image in the source directory of your application class:

new Image(MyApplication.class.getResource("sicadcam.png").toExternalForm());

For an installed application, this will only set the icon displayed in the top left corner of the screen. To set the icon for the taskbar, desktop etc, following the instructions in the Self-Contained Packaging section of the JavaFX Deployment Guide is supposed to get you there.

For example to get an icon for the installer on my Windows 7 for my self-contained application, I needed to place the icon in a <netbeansprojectdir>/package/windows/<myappname>.ico (needs to be a .ico for the installer packager to pick it up) file AND ensure my ant path was configured correctly as detailed in How to change JavaFx native Bundle exe icon (hopefully that manual ant configuration won't be required in later NetBeans/JavaFX releases).

Download the Ensemble sample application from Oracle and see how the package directory is laid out there for platform specific icons. Unfortunately when I tried building Ensemble from the command line, I was also unable to get Windows 7 to use the Ensemble icon in the taskbar when Ensemble was installed and executed as a self-contained application.

Ensure your build system copies your icon into the jar file containing your application. To check this, change into the app directory of your installed application and run jar tvf <yourappjar>.jar => it should show the location of the icon resource file in the jar.

5/23/2017 11:52:24 AM

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