How to change color of a single bar java fx


Here is my code which generates bar chart of 10 values from 0 to 10 . i want to change the color of bars as follows

if i>5 color==red if i>8 color==blue

so the final out will be 0-5(default yellow bars) 6-8(Red bars) 9(blue bar)

kindly help me.. thanks

    public class BarChartSample extends Application {

    @Override public void start(Stage stage) {
        stage.setTitle("Bar Chart Sample");
        final CategoryAxis xAxis = new CategoryAxis();
        final NumberAxis yAxis = new NumberAxis();
        final BarChart<String,Number> bc = 
            new BarChart<String,Number>(xAxis,yAxis);
        bc.setTitle("Country Summary");

        XYChart.Series series1 = new XYChart.Series();

for(int i=0;i<10;i++)
   //here i want to change color of bar if value of i is >5 than red if i>8 than blue 
series1.getData().add(new XYChart.Data("Value", i));



public static void main(String[] args) {
3/5/2013 8:50:41 PM

Accepted Answer

I created a sample solution.

The solution works by setting the bar's -fx-bar-fill color to a different color based on the value of the bar's data.

final XYChart.Data<String, Number> data = new XYChart.Data("Value " + i , i);
data.nodeProperty().addListener(new ChangeListener<Node>() {
  @Override public void changed(ObservableValue<? extends Node> ov, Node oldNode, Node newNode) {
    if (newNode != null) {
      if (data.getYValue().intValue() > 8 ) {
        newNode.setStyle("-fx-bar-fill: navy;");
      } else if (data.getYValue().intValue() > 5 ) {
        newNode.setStyle("-fx-bar-fill: firebrick;");


3/5/2013 10:31:37 PM

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