How to Convert FXML to JAVA


I were created a fxml file using javafx scene builder in netbeans.

How do i convert .fxml file in netbeans to .java? Is that any program to convert it?

I am not very good in fxml so I want to use .java file to code my javafx app.

Please help me. Thank

3/1/2013 3:10:40 AM

Accepted Answer

There isn't any support for this kind of thing. The idea is that you are using FXML to visually layout your UI and then connecting it to java using a controller class.

Sidenote: We at e(fx)clipse started a build addon that allows you to converter FXML-Files into Java-Files - because of performance reasons on embedded devices.

3/2/2015 8:31:23 AM

Is that any program to convert it?

Yes. Netbeans FXML 2 JAVA Converter.

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