Is JavaFX open source?


When install JDK I found in C:\Program Files\Java\ folder, but I can not find the javafx source code, I googled but found nothing (on So, is javafx open source, and where can I get?

2/5/2013 9:04:27 AM

Accepted Answer

As of February 2013, JavaFX is partially open source and should become almost fully open source over the next few months. The source is hosted as part of the open-jfx project that you linked in your question.

The manifest of the tip of the JavaFX development branch for Java 8 is:

The same page has a zip link, which allows you to easily download the available JavaFX source as a zip file.

The JavaFX source code is not included in the jdk file currently, but should be eventually before Java 8 is released.


A February 2013 update for JavaFX OpenSource status has been published by the JavaFX development lead.

2/11/2013 11:46:57 PM

In short, it is not open source in that it is free to change & distribute for any purpose. JavaFX is licensed for internal use, excluding what they call commercial features.

Use of the Commercial Features for any commercial or production purpose requires a separate license from Oracle.

The license details for JavaFX are outlined in full here. (PDF version available from here)

You can get JavaFX from here.

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