How to change the highlighting color in JavaFX?


How to change the highlighting color in JavaFX? Usually it is blue with gradients, but I would like to have a green highlighting. I have tried the following:

    -fx-shadow-highlight-color: #CCFF99;

Thanks for help!

1/2/2013 5:36:23 PM

Accepted Answer

Look at caspian.css (JavaFX 2) or modena.css (JavaFX 8)

.root {
    /* A bright blue for highlighting/accenting objects.  For example: selected
     * text; selected items in menus, lists, trees, and tables; progress bars;
     * default buttons.
    -fx-accent: #0093ff;

    /* A bright blue for the focus indicator of objects. Typically used as the
     * first color in -fx-background-color for the "focused" pseudo-class. Also
     * typically used with insets of -1.4 to provide a glowing effect.
     * TODO: should this be derived from -fx-accent?
    -fx-focus-color: #0093ff;

Change these colors according to their usages.

5/18/2015 5:32:12 AM

I think Uluk Biy has answered it great way.

But the reality is styling using CSS does not override the -fx-focus-color: #0093ff, rather it will overlap. If you use -fx-focus-color: red , it will get mixed with default blue color and show a shade of grey like color. The css attribute -fx-accent has no issues.

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