Make portion of a text bold in a JavaFx Label or Text


In my JavaFx application I need to have a word or two rendered in boldface in the whole sentence. Currently the sentence is rendered as a JavaFx Label but upgrading component also would not allow me set the text as so that I can have the words "Sample" displayed in bold.

String s = "This is a <b>Sample</b> sentence"
Label label = new Label(s);


This is a Sample sentence

JavaFx Text also does not allow this. Is there any component where I can have a portion of the text in boldface?

I am not sure if JavaFx WebView is a good idea for rendering many small sentences in a window.

11/2/2015 4:19:31 PM

It is possible to use TextFlow container from JavaFX8. Then you can easily add differently styled Text nodes inside it.

TextFlow flow = new TextFlow();

Text text1=new Text("Some Text");
text1.setStyle("-fx-font-weight: bold");

Text text2=new Text("Some Text");
text2.setStyle("-fx-font-weight: regular");

flow.getChildren().addAll(text1, text2);

TextFlow container will automatically wrap content Text nodes.

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4/3/2014 2:55:13 PM

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