Scene builder import to eclipse


Ive recently discovered that you are able to use JavaFx Scene builder to build your GUI

ive become very tired of the build in gui builder that Eclipse offers

So i wanted to try out Scene builder but i am not sure how i import it into my Eclipse project and actually use it with my program?

Ive been looking all over to find a step by step guide but so far ive had no luck finding one for eclipse (for netbeans there are loads but so far ive found none for eclipse)

I hope some of you are able to help me with this or guide me through the steps i need to take

Best Regards Marc Rasmussen

9/4/2012 11:40:13 PM

Accepted Answer

Some background info:

  1. SceneBuilder is for building JavaFX apps.
  2. e(fx)clipse is the unofficial JavaFX tooling for Eclipse.
  3. Currently SceneBuilder runs as a standalone application.
  4. SceneBuilder outputs fxml files.
  5. SceneBuilder can optionally be embedded in NetBeans.
  6. Future builds of e(fx)clipse may also offer to embed SceneBuilder in Eclipse.
  7. e(fx)clipse will compile and build javafx applications - including ones which input fxml which has been output by SceneBuilder.
  8. The key class which ties together JavaFX applications and fxml generated by SceneBuilder is the FXMLLoader.

Tutorial track for building applications with SceneBuilder and e(fx)clipse:

  1. Install SceneBuilder (download under 'Additional resources') and e(fx)clipse seperately as well as jdk7u6+.
  2. Using e(fx)clipse, try the compiling and running the basic JavaFX sample apps, especially the fxml related sample.
  3. Run through the Getting Started with SceneBuilder Sample, but use e(fx)clipse to compile and run the code rather than NetBeans.
  4. Try out the Mastering FXML tutorial - but create the FXML in SceneBuilder and build your project using e(fx)clipse.
5/22/2014 5:20:27 PM

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