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Good day!
I am developing a program using JavaFX SDK. I wanted to have a message box like in C#:

DialogResult rs = MessageBox.showDialog("Message Here...");
if (rs == ....) {
    // code

I want to have a functionality like this using JavaFX SDK. Answers are very much appreciated.

7/26/2012 5:23:25 AM

Accepted Answer


As of Java8u40, the core JavaFX libraries include dialog (message box) functionality. Refer to the documentation for the following classes:

Original Answer

Here is an example of a Modal Confirm dialog. It works by creating a Stage containing a Scene with the dialog contents in it, and then calling show() on the Scene.

If you want the main processing thread to pause whilst the new Stage is shown and you are using JavaFX 2.2+, then you can call showAndWait() on the Stage rather than show. Modified to use show and wait and just display a message and ok button, then processing should act quite similar to a C# MessageBox.

If you want a professional looking message box for Java 8, I recommend using the dialogs from the ControlsFX library, which is a later iteration of the dialogs in the JavaFX UI Controls Sandbox mentioned in blo0p3r's answer.

10/23/2015 5:45:57 PM

The Alert class subclasses the Dialog class, and provides support for a number of pre-built dialog types that can be easily shown to users to prompt for a response.

So the code looks something like

Alert alert = new Alert(AlertType.INFORMATION);
alert.setTitle("Message Here...");
alert.setHeaderText("Look, an Information Dialog");
alert.setContentText("I have a great message for you!");
alert.showAndWait().ifPresent(rs -> {
    if (rs == ButtonType.OK) {
        System.out.println("Pressed OK.");

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